National Hymn: A Portuguesa
Capital: Lisbon
Biggest city: Lisbon
Official language: Portuguese

Government: Democracia parlamentar
President: Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa
Prime Minister: António Costa

Total 92,391 km² (109º)
Water (%) 0.48

10,561,614 Inhabitants – 2011 Estimate.
10,148,259 Inhabitants – 2001 Census.

115,3 Inhabitants/km²

Founding: 868 a.C.
Independence: 24 de July de 1128
Reconhecida: 5 de October de 1143

Internet Code: .pt
International calling code: 00351 ou +351

Governmental web site: :


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Public Holidays

January 1st : New Year´s Day
(moveable) : Carnival
(moveable) : Good Friday
(moveable) : Easter Day
April 25th : Freedom Day
May 1st : Labour Day
June 1st : Azores Day (Celebrated in Azores)
June 10th : Portugal Day
July 1st : Madeira Day (Celebrated in Madeira Island)
(moveable) : Corpus Christi
August 15th : Assumption of Mary
October 5th : Republic Implantation Day
November 1st : All Saints’ Day
December 1st : Restoration of Independence
December 8th : Feast of the Immaculate Conception
December 25th : Christmas Day