To safeguard the legitimate interests of all the exhibiting companies in the SISAB PORTUGAL event, and in order to ensure the maximum success of all business deals carried out in the event, the Administration reminds:

1. The access badge to the event venue is, in any situation and at all times, non-transferable and inviolable, being strictly prohibited to exchange, copying or misusing it in any form during the days of the event (prior and after the event, and in other events and activities hold by SISAB PORTUGAL Administration).

2. The success of all Exhibitors present in SISAB PORTUGAL depends on the exclusivity of the events’ Buyers, that are available to all Exhibitors during the event, therefore, it is strictly forbidden to Exhibitors, promoters or any other promoters and sellers in the event to attempt any form of invitation that may induce International Economic Agents to leave the events’ venue for meetings, visits or meals or other (except in cases where the Administration is duly informed and authorization is granted).

3. The data provided by the companies and various participants for the accreditation must be true and accurate and it must be easily verified by checking the provided data and any other information the Administration deems necessary. The participants assume full responsibility for the compliance with the general rules and regulations of the event, including possible penalties according to the corresponding infractions, as well as deny entry to the participant upon identifying what is considered incorrect and for that reason, the immediate removal of the person, company and/or institution (even if exhibiting), from the premises, without any refund, compensation or payment, under any pretext from the Administration.

4. All images and advertising associated to any companies (Exhibitors and Buyers) participating in SISAB PORTUGAL are the property of the Administration. Any reproduction or attempt to reproduce them is strictly forbidden except for those capture by SISAB PORTUGAL staff, namely the disclosure of news regarding official entities that may visit the venue at any given time, or those that may be expressly authorized to do so.
It is strictly prohibited to take photos, record videos or misplaced advertising for use outside the venue (except for the Press that has been previously accredited and approved by SISAB PORTUGAL Administration at the agreed time).

5. Any non-compliance or attempt, as suggested in, but not limited to, the examples above, will result in an automatic charge of 2.500,00 EUR + VAT and the guarantee of its payment by the offenders (entities, people and companies), with the immediate cancellation of all authorizations and permissions mentioned in the badge, and the immediate request for the person, company and/or institution (even if exhibiting), to leave the premises.

These are SISAB PORTUGAL general rules and regulations, made fully aware to all participants and occasional visitors to the venue upon delivery of the access badge, as well as being on display on the venue’s entrance and on the Accreditation Area.

The Administration has direct and indirect mechanisms of control and validation, in order to prevent the situations mentioned previously from taking place, therefore, all Exhibitors, Buyers and entities indicated by them, are fully aware that the Administration reserves the right to refuse admission or remove from the event, any person, company and/or institution, even if exhibiting, who do not meet the requirements, who’s provided information cannot be easily verified, or even those who have been previously accredited with data that causes doubts posteriorly, and the Administration cannot be liable under any pretext, including pecuniary value, and all participants and potential participants give the Administration full authorization to act in accordance with what they consider inappropriate and does not comply with the present rules and regulations.

Access to visitors or any other elements not pre-accredited by SISAB PORTUGAL Administration 30 days prior to the event is strictly forbidden, and if an access badge has been granted, it may be withdrawn and/or the access prohibited, if the information provided leads to any doubts posteriorly.