From north to south, this country is very rich in good wines and besides the unique wines of Oporto and Madeira, which are largely exported there are more than 100 types of wines, the table wines and the special wines. They all show the individual kind of the respective solo. Wine has an important place in human needs because it is the only drink that has itself a cultural value in the Greek and Latin civilization.
Even before Christianity, it represented more than a symbol. Wine has always been considered as the noblest drink, the first that it is given to a guest and the best that enables to appreciate the producer’s talent. Thus, it is not a surprise that all rural life in Portugal has been so strongly marked by it.
Portugal is proud of its culture because it has a very rich patrimonial heritage, connected to vineyard and to wine and that dates back from a time much before to the foundation of Nationality.

It was one of the sectors that the businessmen of the sector more invested in the past few years in Portugal, through new cultivated fields, re-qualification of vineyards. It bets on in the Portuguese genuine and unique species of grapes, which distinguish from its difference and from manufacturing and bottling methods, as well as their sale. Portugal has its own species of grapes which distinguish us. In a wine country and due to the big quantity that it is produced, the investment is now exports. Wine is one of the products that is more exported, together with olive oil, arriving to the most diversified world markets.

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