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The natural food is pharmacy, which takes care of your health. ‘Nutripharmaceuticals’ are food products or part of them that have the proved capacity of giving benefits to our health, such as the prevention and treatment of diseases. The term ‘nutripharmaceutical’ comes from ‘nutri’, nutrient and ‘ceutic’ from pharmaceutical, that is, food products that feed and bring health. In fact, all natural food products, that is, the ones that were not industrially processed, can be called ‘functional’ because it contains essential components in variable quantities for our health, such as vitamins, minerals, enzymes, fibers, etc.

There is a small problem on the shelves of the supermarkets where consumers, who are more and more aware and demanding, want ‘nutripharmaceuticals’ food products on their tables, the ones that treated the health of their ancestors.

In addition, there are companies in Portugal that concern with these demands and present cheese, ham, mortadella, smoked ham and sausages that have ‘Nutripharmaceuticals’products in their composition. For instance, there are companies in the cold meats sector that are now more addressed to products that have more value for the consumer. That’s how the packages of ‘Nutripharmaceuticals’products have arisen, that is, products with omega 3, so that those who have cholesterol problems may eat freely. Some food products are also made with a natural fiber, which is going to have a ‘bifidogenic’ effect in our body and make these products biological.

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