Organic Products

Today we talk much in organic products, where the word Natura is associated par excellence.
But what is organic product?
An organic product comes from Organic Mode of Production and the organic production mode is a production system of ecological base, which uses the use of good agricultural practices for the maintenance and improvement of soil fertility, the balance and diversity of the agricultural ecosystem, promoting the environmental quality, the animal well-being and human health. To that end, it uses cultural, biological and mechanical methods, when possible, rather than synthetic materials, and employs no chemical fertilizers or pesticides synthesis.

With a demand that exceeds supply, reflecting the growing concerns of consumers with the food quality and environmental preservation, this sector has been growing in Portugal. The SISAB prides itself on its vast exhibitors of counting with the presence of some “Bio” companies.
The most rigorous international studies say that the vegetables grown on organic farming strengthen the immune system and the movement of vitamin E in the blood.
The Organic Farming has been affirmed as a way to produce more healthy foods.
As the chemical syntheses are not allowed in organic fertilizers, the “organic” products have naturally a lower level of nitrates and promote the environmental quality.

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