Seafood and fish

The fact that Portugal has the Atlantic coast as neighbor, led of course, to a gastronomy made from the products that the sea offers. The cod occupies its place of honor at the Portuguese table during the whole year and, thanks to the Portuguese it was internationalized from the host countries, by the different way that the Portuguese prepare and cook the cod.
Since a long-time that sailors go to Newfoundland, Greenland and Iceland to fish.
In Portugal the cod is salted, dried and prepared in order to make a difference and keep the genuine taste of the good cod.
We pride ourselves on having the best of processing companies of fish in the international scene occupying positions of prominence in the marketing and export.

In addition to this, we fish and transform specialties of fish like sole, red mullet, hake and swordfish. And finally the last but not the worst, a fish less expensive but more tasty – the sardines, an essential snack in barbecues and outdoor parties a bit throughout the country. In the seafood we have crabs, mussels and other shellfish. The sector of fish in Portugal and manufacturing industries export large part of it.
To this sector, is associated a very strong industry – canned food – There exist for more than two centuries important companies of the sector with large volumes of export, being our canned food – tuna and sardines- one of the products that is more exported. The industry of canned food produces for the domestic market and for export, canned tuna, sardines, octopus among others, with the achievement of several of gold medals in international competitions.

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