Marketing and Gifts

Marketing is an inescapable reality of the contemporary business world. It is a process that describes the strategy to be used in sales, communication and commercial development. The main purpose of this method is to create value and please the customer, generating profits for both parties. Marketing also promotes brands and the launch of products, defining the strategies, the target audience and even the prices to be established. Professionals in this area must constantly update themselves, constantly following new trends. A good marketing campaign can dictate the success of a company or product, but the inverse effect will have repercussions that may call into question the feasibility of the objectives outlined. The secret of success is to value social networks, the power of video, and the versatility of the online environment. In an increasingly competitive market, differentiation must be made through an offer that is well targeted to the target audience and, above all, at the right time.

In Portugal, this investment is clearly visible in the daily business world. The Portuguese companies experienced a period of evolutionary marasm, which caused some delay in comparison with the other competitors in the most varied markets. It is important to emphasize the effort dedicated to the modernization of the marketing techniques used in the most varied sectors, making many of them, through the intelligent use of tools linked to the promotion of products, the most important at a national level and with proven efficiency and competence world wide.