Packaging is, in many cases, the customer’s first impression of the supplier and the product. For this reason, the investment of the companies in this area must maintain or even increase, being an important factor of dynamization. The European market for the distribution of packaging has a significant dimension, and there are both generalist and specialized distributors. Portugal is a worldwide reference in the production of packaging and the sector has a strong competence to innovate and develop new products. The companies of our country bet on the creation of value and the differentiation of the business to compete with the big manufacturers world-wide. Portuguese is the second largest Iberian producer of glass packaging. The packaging industry is a segment of great importance in the economy and the characteristics of the markets stimulate the use of high technology. Packaging has always played an important role in the development of trade. Initially, it existed to contain, protect and make transportation feasible. Nowadays, the functions it performs are new. Talking, exposing and selling the product are the three requirements to meet the needs of the consumer. The food sector benefited most from the development of new packaging materials and technologies, as new products could be marketed without compromising the flavor and duration of the products.