Friopastel is a company that has turned to conquer the world in food the sector

Friopastel is based in the village of Tábua and founded thanks to the tenacity of João Gonçalves and his wife Isabel Gonçalves to which their daughters Vera Gonçalves and Sara Gonçalves are now joining. The company celebrated its twentieth anniversary in a festive atmosphere, gathering more than two hundred people among collaborators. , customers, suppliers, public and private entities.

Quinta da Pacheca elected The Best Douro Tourism by the public

Quinta da Pacheca has been distinguished with several awards as a result of the investment and work of Paulo Pereira and Maria do Céu Gonçalves, two Portuguese businessmen based in France who decided to create this project of excellence and to leverage the development of the Douro region in 2012. The “MUNDO PORTUGUÊS” newspaper has been with them to learn more and spoke with Paulo Pereira and Sandra Dias, Deputy General Manager of Quinta da Pacheca.

Avicasal celebrates 45th anniversary with 10% growth

In the year in which it celebrates its 45th anniversary, Avicasal reaches a 10% growth mark compared to 2018, and expects to close 2019 with a turnover of more than 55 million euros, informs the company, stressing that “for 2020 the strategy is based on continuity and growth in exports”. “Avicasal’s strategy for 2020 is to continue to grow and achieve 10% growth, particularly in the foreign market, increasing Soja de Portugal’s turnover, which currently stands at 162 million euros and with an export share of 25%”, says António Isidoro, CEO of the group.

Global Wines will harmonize solely with Gourmet preserves

Global Wines, a Dão-based wine holding company, and the company Sabor Português, have established a partnership that foresees the exclusive use of the wines of this producer in the store and restaurant spaces of ‘Loja das Conservas” in Lisbon. “For the partnership between the two companies, which are committed to innovation and the creation of value-creating agreements, the versatility and polyvalence of Global Wines, which has a portfolio capable of meeting any need for harmonization, was decisive”, highlights Global Wines in a statement.