Historical family in Douro launches sustainability strategy “Mission 2025”

The Symington family has been installed in the Douro since the 19th century, it has become one of the main wine producers in Portugal and is implementing the sustainability strategy “Mission 2025” to contribute to the fight against the environmental crisis. “The values of sustainability, both environmental and social, have always been part of our company”, Rob Symington, a member of the fifth generation of the family and responsible for the sustainability area, told Lusa agency.

Demarcated region of Bairrada celebrates 40th anniversary with the presence of the minister of agriculture

  “The Bairrada region has long been known as a producer of quality wines.” This is the phrase that can be read in the first paragraph of Ordinance No. 709-A / 79A, which created the Region on 28 December 1979 Demarcated from Bairrada. This is the 40th anniversary of an event that the Bairrada Vitivinicultural Commission (CVB) decided to mark on 14 January. The date was not chosen at random: in addition to being able to count on the presence of the Minister of Agriculture, Maria do Céu Albuquerque, it happened exactly 4 months after the presentation of a new visual identification materialized in a collective and identity brand of the region.